Fresher Air Mask Aromatherapy - Energize

Fresher Air Mask Aromatherapy - Energize

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2 oz. | The only thing better than fresh air is Fresher Air. Our face mask aromatherapy sprays are purse essential that will help you de-stress, unwind, relax, perk up, or focus during these trying times. Energize is formulated to wake you up and get you energized with bergamot, lemon, and peppermint essential oils. Just shake, spray onto the outside of your favorite mask, and then give a few minutes to dry. Your face mask is instantly transformed from a responsibility to a source of comfort and joy while you do your shopping and errands. Our travel size fine mist bottle is sturdy and BPA free. Ingredients: Aqua, Organic witch hazel, Essential oils (bergamot, lemon, peppermint)

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